Commissioned Pieces

Commissioned art is an important component of my studio work. I pride myself on taking careful considerations to meet your interior placement specifications. I enjoy working with architects, interior consultants, and private individuals. My  experiences have been enjoyable and focused to meet your artistic interior needs. Please call 941-284-7277 email or visit the studio 2737 Hyde Park St., Sarasota, FL 34239 for your interior commission needs.  

Gates Mill Towers, 4x6ft, Gates Mills, OH

Gates Mill Towers, Gates Mills, OH  4ft x 6ft, Diptych

Palm Trees,  Ithaca Hotel, Ithaca. NY  4x14ft,  Diptych

Sashay Dance Studios,  Lakewood Ranch, FL 8 panels, 3ft x 7ft Tapestries

Adria Labs, Columbus, OH  4ft x 23ft, Diptych

Spring Iris’s, Erie, PA  3ft x 4ft each, Diptych

Cover for Bema, Chabad Venice, FL  4ft x 5ft, Silk

Chrysler Building, New York City, NY 4ft x 25ft, Silk Tapestry

North Country, Cleveland OH  4ft x 8ft, Silk Painting  

Ash Ha Torah Yeshiva, Old City Jerusalem, Israel  5 panels - 4ft x 12ft Silk Tapestries


Commissioned art works are on display at:

  • The Chrysler Bldg. New York, NY
  • Met Life Building, New York, NY
  • Oyster Point Hotel, Red Bank, NJ
  • Sibson International, Princeton, NJ
  • Mark Goldstein, Paley Rothman, Attorneys at Law, Bethesda, MD
  • Dr. Susan Wheatley, Crabtree Obstetrics, Rosewell, GA
  • Dr. Barry Stein, First Physicians, Sarasota, FL 
  • Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Sarasota FL
  • Turnberry Isle Country Club, Miami, FL
  • Carnival Tours International, Miami FL
  • Sashay Dance International, Lakewood Ranch, FL
  • TRW International, Cleveland, OH
  • Marsel Towers, Gates Mills, OH
  • Columbus 1 Building, Columbus, OH
  • Adria Labs International, Columbus, OH

    International Commissions:
  • Aish HaTorah library, Old City Jerusalem, Israel
  • Devi Hotels, Aruba